I'm not an elite swimmer, can I join in?

The swim is open to anyone with enough TICKER to complete the swim and a HEART big enough to help out the kids from the Nambour & Currimundi Special Schools.

Check out our stories & pics. The swim is full of regular people who either swim the entire course or join a team. Remember it's not a race, but you do need to prepare yourself.

When is the entry cut off date?

All documents and entry forms need to be submitted by at Event Briefing

Will there be an event briefing?

Yes. The event briefing will be held on Tuesday the TBC 2020 at Alexandra Headlands Surf Lifesaving Club at 6pm.

What do I need for the swim?

Individual swimmers and teams must have a paddler and a safety boat. The paddler is your navigator to keep you on course and gives you drink/food/encouragement. TEAMS must have a boat large enough to legally carry their entire team. Your paddler must also carry a rescue tube. This is used when the swimmer needs a break (to eat/drink). All swimmers, paddlers and boaties must attend a pre-event briefing prior to the event.

How much is the entry fee?

The Island Charity Swim is a fundraising event with all funds going to the Currimundi and Nambour Special Schools. This event is a major fundraiser for the school and each participant must contribute the minimum benchmark for fundraising. But don’t let that stop you – you’re welcome (and encouraged) to raise as much money as possible. Please refer to entry form for full details this year.

Donations can be made to the Just Giving Fundraising Page or bank deposit: Island Charity Swim - BSB 124-001 A/C 20629313. Please state your individuals name or team name as the reference.

Where does the swim start/finish?

Check out the course map on our web site. The start is from Mudjimba Beach, out around Old Woman Island then down to Mooloolaba. The finish is in front of the 'Cheeseblock' Units. These are the most Southern units on the water front of Mooloolaba (couple of hundred metres past the M'ba SLSC). For safety there is a 'boat exclusion' zone from the start to the Southern end of Old Woman Island. There will be a large buoy south of the Island. All boats must remain south of this buoy. The first team swimmer is required to swim past this buoy before any change over (approx. distance is 1600m).

What time does it start?

The swim commences at Mudjimba from 7am. Individual swimmers, first Team swimmers and all paddlers must register at Mudjimba SLSC at 6am. These times are confirmed at the pre-event briefing a couple of weeks prior to the Swim. Boats and the remainder of Team swimmers must start from the Mooloolaba Coast Guard.

When is the Swim on?

The swim is held in the middle of May. The next event is May 9th, 2020. If organisers consider conditions too rough a contingency plan will be put in place in Mooloolaba Bay.

Where do I enter?

You’re here! Click this link to get started and see the rest of the website www.islandcharityswim.com.au for all the details. Donations can be made to the Just Giving Fundraising Page or bank deposit: Island Charity Swim - BSB 124-001 A/C 20629313. Please state your individuals name or team name as the reference.

How long will it take me?

There are many variables in completing the swim. Your swimming ability, tides, winds, swell, and water conditions. But that’s what makes the event so great. It’s safe, yet challenging. The fastest swimmers in good conditions are on the beach at Mooloolaba in two hours. Some have even swum back to the start. However the course is closed after 4hrs. There is no time clock and you won't be given an official finish time. Remember it's not a race but a life-changing fund raising event.

Can I wear a wet suit or speed suit?

Absolutely. As thick as you want, as buoyant as you can handle and as fast as you like. It’s not a race so you can wear a speed suit or wet suit. Held at the start of our mild winter water temperature will be high teens to low 20s.

Can I wear flippers?


How many can you have in a team?

From 2-6 swimmers. Just remember your support boat must be licensed to carry all swimmers and paddler.

I'm in a team, where do I start?

The first swimmer and safety paddler starts from Mudjimba Beach SLSC. All boats start from the Mooloolaba Coast Guard. All other swimmers must start from the team boat. The first swimmer must swim to at least the boat exclusion buoy approx. 1600m from the start.

I'm driving a boat, where do I find my swimmer & paddler?

Boats leave from Mooloolaba and wait for their paddler and swimmer on the Southern side of Old Woman Island. Once your swimmer and paddler pass the buoy you can join them. Each boat driver must be aware of other swimmers & paddlers. Be aware of your boat wash and exhaust fumes. Stay out of the line of other swimmers and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Is the start like a triathlon?

There's no punching, kicking or climbing over other swimmers at the start - remember it's not a race. Swimmers generally start 1 minute apart depending on ocean conditions. The vibe is friendly and relaxed – everyone is here for the same reason. The finish line is even better. Your paddler is responsible for safely negotiating the break and guiding you around the Island all the way to Mooloolaba.

What sort of training should I do?

Sign up for regular updates and check out past stories & interviews. The 100+ swimmers every year have a range of training methods and levels of fitness. We really suggest you join with others in some open water training. Check out past newsletters for contacts and locations of Open Water Swims. Follow us on Facebook and get in touch with others from the Island Charity Swim Family.

Do you conduct practice swims?

We do not conduct pratice swims. All training is the responsibility of the swimmer. If you choose to swim around Old Woman Island as part of your training we ask that as a courtesy you notify Mudjimba SLSC.

Where does the $$ go?

The Island Charity Swim is a registered charity complying with all applicable Australian Law. Funds raised are split evenly between the Currimundi and Nambour Special Schools. A committee made up of representatives of the schools and the Swim community allocate where funds are spent. Along with generous support from many businesses and individuals in the Community the Swim has assisted in providing; • electronic interactive whiteboards • funds toward the building of the Currimundi Hydro-Therapy Pool centre • tactile outdoor playgrounds • sensory stimulus room Check out our stories and pics for more detail on the great contribution the Swim has made to the school community. The school, families and kids are greatly appreciative of your fundraising and physical efforts. Donations can be made to the Just Giving Fundraising Page or bank deposit: Island Charity Swim - BSB 124-001 A/C 20629313. Please state your individuals name or team name as the reference.

What if the weather is really bad?

Safety is paramount to the success of our event. The Sunshine Coast’s largest event organiser, Atlas Multisports, supply their expertise in running the logistics and insurance for the event. Conditions are assessed on the day of the swim. If it’s unsafe then the swim will be postponed or cancelled. All details are explained at the pre-race briefing usually held a couple of weeks prior to the swim.

Can I pull out of the swim?

You are responsible for your own safety. If you are not feeling well or have an injury that may put your health and safety at risk don’t swim. Paddlers and boat safety are there to assist you and make sure you complete the swim safely. Speak to organisers before pulling out if you are having trouble reaching the fund raising targets.

I’m paddling for someone – what do I have to do?

Your job is safety, navigator, food/fluid supplier and motivator! You must come to the pre-race briefing where your role is explained in full. Basically you have to look out for your swimmer, make sure they’re well hydrated and point them in a straight line from the Island to Mooloolaba.

I’m driving a Boat – what do I have to do?

You are responsible for ensuring your boat is in seaworthy condition, licensed to carry all those on board and carry essential safety equipment. You must report to Mooloolaba Coast Guard on the morning of the swim. All boats leave from Mooloolaba then travel to the Southern side of Old Woman Island.

A large buoy will indicate the boat exclusion zone. No boats are permitted North of the buoy. You must wait around this area to join your 1st swimmer & paddler. Be aware of all other craft and swimmers. Pay special attention to your wash, the line of other swimmers (don’t cut in front of swimmers) and any potential hazards in the water on your swimmers course. Your role is explained in full on the pre-event briefing usually a couple of weeks prior to the Swim.